11 Kid Friendly

Back to School Recipes

Roasted Chickpeas

Your kids will love nibbling on these tasty roasted chickpeas warm out of the oven, or cooled for lunches and snacks.


How to use hummus? In sandwiches, slathered in wraps, as a dip for veg and rice crackers or pitas, on pizzas, as a spread for bagels or on pizzas, thinned out and mixed into pasta!

Baked Goods

Kids love banana bread, oatmeal bites, muffins, the pumpkin snackles pictures here, and more.


For back-to-school recipes, keep your tofu recipes very easy and with a versatile seasoning.

Energy Balls

These are so nutrient-dense and pack a nice burst of energy while sneaking in good stuff like seeds, dried fruit, and oats. A win-win for us and the kids!

Nutritious Soups

Make it for dinner one evening (keep on thicker side), and send it to school in a thermos for the kiddos another day.


Make your own seasonings to add to some popcorn, which makes the best snack ever!


This may not be something you pack into vegan school lunches. If not packed, prep for after school. These puddings give a great boost of omega 3’s with chia seeds.

Chickpea Salad

Play around with the add-ins, using raisins instead of apples, omitting the celery or capers, and adding other chopped veg. It’s very versatile – and very delicious!

Vegan & Plant-Based Recipes